Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar CodeB02005bottle150mL72bottleB02010bottle300mL48bottleB02015bottle550mL24bottleB02002bottle3.8L6bottleFeature:1、Bonuses Aquaguard can help fishes adapt to new enviro

Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar Code


1、Bonuses Aquaguard can help fishes adapt to new environment.

2、It can remove the rest chlorine of tap water,meanwhile,chelate the harmful heavy metals

in the water.

3、Bonuses Aquaguard protects fish's body mucous and increases fish's immunity.

How to use:(shake well before using)

1、Add 10 ml per 100 L water after replacing water or putting new fishes in the tank.

2、Add 5 ml per 100 L water every 5-7days.

3、Stop adding Bonuses Aquaguard while Bonuses Aquaguard Snail Remover or Bonuses Moss Remover or

same kind of products at the same time in the tank.

4、Add 20 ml per 100 L water after treatment.

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